Discover Emerging Technologies that Impact Your Industry

Patent Data-Driven Innovation Insights

We are using patent data to develop strategic business intelligence coupled with emerging technology and market trends in selected fields.

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Monthly Reports

Discover emerging technologies that impact your industy

  • Global trends in a selected industry 
  • Patent trends in a selected industry
        - Top applicants
        - New players
        - Birth of new technologies 

Special Industry Reports

Get your special patent analysis report for your own spesific needs

  • Identification of competitors or collaborators 
  • Assessment of human capital by analyzing inventor records for competing companies 
  • Assessment of competitors' R&D activities and direction of research 
  • Discover market trends and birth of new technologies 
  • Find new employees, consultants, and experts
  • Locate licensees 

Free Reports

Weekly reports based on patent-data

  • Industry infographics and analysis
  • Company infographics and analysis
  • Trending technologies infographics and analysis


Tailor-Made Patent Reports

Comprehensive analysis for decision makers

  • Patent data-driven market research
  • Technology based sector analysis
  • Patent driven ecosystem analysis
  • Patent activity analysis focused on your competitors
         - Total grants and applications in years
         - Geographic breakdown of patents
         - Key technologies patented
         - Valuable patents
         - Key acquisitions

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